Do You Need Help

Please answer these questions with a YES or NO. Do not miss any questions.

  1. Do you dislike reading thick books?

  2. Do you have a difficulty in telling left from right?

  3. Is your spelling poor?

  4. Do you keep losing your place on the page of a book?

  5. Do you dislike reading aloud?

  6. Do you find it difficult to understand what you have read?

  7. Do you dislike writing?

  8. When you have to say a long word, do you find it difficult to get all the sounds in the right order?

  9. Can you read what you have written?

  10. Do you know your multiplication tables fluently?

  11. Do you get confused with telephone numbers?

  12. Can you recite the alphabet/months of the year fluently?

  13. Do you mix up numbers like 21 and 12?

  14. Do you know the answer to a question in your head but when you try to write it out, it does not turn out quite correct?

  15. Are there lots of scratches and deletions in your written work?

  16. Do you find it difficult to understand verbal instructions?

  17. Can you read the calendar?

  18. Are you able to tell the time from a clock/watch that is not digital?

  19. During a classroom lecture, do the surrounding noises distract you?

  20. Can you finish copying the written work from the blackboard before it gets rubbed off?

If there are more questions that have been answered
with a "yes" than a "no"
then it may be in the interest of the student
to get an informal assessment done.

Do You Need Help