Children with Learning Difficulties - The Book

  • How do you get your inattentive child to listen to you with rapt attention?
  • How do you make the English spelling class the most looked forward to class of the week?
  • What can you do to make the learning of multiplication tables fun ?

This book not only makes learning joyous for the taught but also enriches and stimulates the teacher in the process. While the objective is to make learning easier for children who have learning difficulties, the teaching strategies described in this book can be used with nearly all children.

"Children with Learning Difficulties - How to Help. A Guide for Parents and Teachers" written by Bela Raja and published by Vakils, Feffer and Simon Pvt Ltd is a book that , deals with various forms of learning disabilities, their symptoms and their management. It also highlights the rather special relationship between giftedness and learning disabilities.

This volume specifically addresses issues with Reading, Spelling and Math. The text describes methods and techniques for managing a difficulty in all of these areas.

The lesser-known difficulty of Dyspraxia has been examined in detail and strategies for the management of this condition has been suggested.

Behavioral and emotional well-being is a significant topic in the lives of children today, given the pressures that they face. There has to be a conscious effort on the part of the facilitator to address these issues, which is done so in this book.

Children with difficulties in learning are very often gifted children and to tap this potential, it is necessary to teach them in a manner that they can learn and simultaneously identify and nurture their strengths. The book highlights several multi-sensory strategies that can be used by a parent or teacher or any conscientious adult, in order to facilitate learning in a child. Bela has shared her own experiences while working with children who have learning difficulties.

Besides catering to the needs of children with difficulties in learning, the strategies and techniques explained in this volume can be used to make learning fun for all children.

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A book that anybody can use to help children who have difficulties in learning

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